Dalian, a Modern Megalopolis Full of Options for any Kind of Visitor
According to historical documentation, Chinese have invented several useful things through the years, helping humanity develop. However, inventions and devices were not the only that those clever people have found. During centuries also managed to erect small cities into gigantic megalopolis, with heavy industry and high standards of living. Dalian is a perfect example of this Chinese progress.

Dalian can easily utilize and entertain, at the same time, all of its citizens, providing profitable jobs opportunities and interesting leisure options. The city is divided into districts and each of them has a particular use, according to the aim that it serves. The most famous district and worth for a visit is the the Xinghai Bay with the largest city square in the world, the Xinghai Square. The square is definitely a must-visit attraction, since musical fountains, strange sculptures and statues, shops, restaurants and bars can make the stroll unforgettable. There are, of course, many options for families and children as well. Amusement parks and zoos may complete the ideal vacation for your kids or for you if you feel like teenager! Dalian Forest Zoo and Lushun Zoo are the most popular animal kingdoms, where the lovely Black-White Pandas can be seen, among other famed Chinese animals, while the Ji Di Guan - Pole Aquarium and the Shengya Aquarium are the places where the marine fauna reigns! For fun and adventure, the Oriana Theme Park is the one which can completely satisfy you with its plethora of games, shops and restaurants. Finally, if you feel like not admiring enough of Dalian, a single visit to the Dalian Sightseeing Tower may give you the view of the city on your plate.

As most of the cities in China, Dalian can entertain its inhabitants and its tourists in a qualitative way, offering experiences that can be recalled with a smile and pleasant recollection!
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