Sights and Attractions That Will Definitely Capture your Attention
Dalian is a modern metropolis, with approximately 7 million inhabitants, who enjoy a high level of living. A visit to Dalian, either for business or for tourism could make you realize that for sure, since it provides several landmarks and points of interest. Below you may read about some of the most important things to do in this amazing city.

Except for the Xinghai Square (the largest square of the world), there are more similar squares worth for a stroll, such as the Dalian People Square and the Friendship Square, while some lovely neighborhoods can also exhale a lovely smell of jubilation, with the Japanese Style Street of Dalian to be a characteristic example. Feel free to circulate in the streets of the center or its suburbs and discover attractions that are hidden. Lvshun Kou Area is a place where history can be learnt and pleasant moments can be spend, while the nearby mountain of Dahei may give you a freedom feeling. For romantic souls, the Fujiazhuang Yanwo Ridge will surely make you love your mate more than before, since it is about coastal scenery ideal for couples, which is often used for weddings and other ceremonies. Generally the most sights are located in the wonderful district of the Jinzhou, where anyone can admire and visit museums, parks and exhibition halls or attend to one of the annual festivals that take place, such as the Dalian International Beach Carnival and the Grape Festival. The total landscape of the area can also provide some options for excursions to the nearby islands, suggesting the Bangchuidao Island as the most historic and interesting, ideal for relax and walk.

Who is uncompromising enough to resist to such unique travel through senses and feelings? Even if someone has got the strength to try it, Dalian can easily persuade him to reconsider his point of view!
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